Merritt Construction / FOGCO Products Specials
Patio Cooling, Mistscaping or FogDeck
  • Custom components for ease of installation
  • UL and CE approved systems
  • Direct Drive or Pulley Drive 1000 psi pressure pumps
  • Nylon, copper or stainless steel tubing
  • Combine, MistScaping, Fog Deck and Patio cooling
    all in one system
  • Installations available by our staff within our service
Patio Cooling as
much       as 40 degrees
High Pressure Misting
Performance Specifications
                      250 PSI Pump
                 .38 GPM water flow
        15 =  .012 Brass/SS Nozzles
                40' Patio Coverage
                  Quiet Operation
          Solenoid valve controlled
          110 Volt plug in w/6" cord
                    Isolation Feet
          1/4"  fittings and tubing
                 Slip lock design
Designed for light duty Residential
Model #94500
           Free delivery within  100 miles of Palm Springs, CA

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The Science of Mist Cooling

Patio misting systems provide other benefits as
they cool the environment. They maintain ideal
moisture content in the air and reduce dust,
pollen, and other airborne pollutants. As a result,
allergy symptoms may be greatly reduced. The
systems can also be used with safe insecticides
to repel flying insects. A quality system from
Fogco can establish this kind of environment for
any outdoor area.

When selecting a patio misting system, remember
that the higher the water pressure, the more
effective the misting system will be. Using a high
pressure pump that operates at 1000 psi is
preferred for most residential systems and is an
industry standard for all commercial and
industrial applications. When purchasing a high
pressure system, the quality of the pump and the
most appropriate pump design are priorities. At
Fogco, we offer both direct drive pumps and
pulley driven pumps. Our patented Premium
Series pulley driven pumps are UL listed and CE
certified and will provide years of trouble-free
operation with minimal maintenance, even in the
most extreme outdoor conditions. Over-sized
motors and pumps provide more durability while
the pulley design assures quiet operation, less
vibration, and longer life. When you choose Fogco
Systems, Inc., you can trust our 15+ years of
proven performance assuring that you will
receive the highest quality products available.
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