Maxx Panel   3" Insulated
Alumawood Patio Covers, LLC/Merritt Construction
3" Polystyrene foam laminated with aluminum sheeting to create a interlocking 48" wide
panel.  Using these insulated panels with our patio components will create a strong,
durable Patio Cover or Carport.
 Alumawood Patio Covers, LLC / Merritt Construction      Palm Springs, CA         760-289-6204  
 Our 4' wide panels interlock to create a smooth
wood       grain effect that will never warp or rot. Panels
available                       from 6' to 24' projection
   Maxx Panel Insulated      
        3"x 8"   Beam, w/Scallop Cut
       3" x 3"  Posts and Side plates
       Rain Gutters and Down Spouts
    Maxx Panel Insulated
        3" x 3"  Posts and Side plates
        Rain Gutters and Down Spouts                    
Desert Sand posts and beam
                   White panels

  Also available with Fascia Wrap Kits
■ High-Density EPS – Specially   
formulated expanded
polystyrene (EPS) foam core
provides exceptional thermal
insulation and superior
strength to protect against the

■ Laminated Panel Technology
– Provides a panel with
superior strength and
resistance to weathering.

■ Painted Aluminum Finish –
The Tuff-Kote dual layer finish
provides a superior finish that
resists scratches, corrosion
and fading.  Tuff-Kote also
requires less maintenance
than most other finishes.

■ Cedar Embossed Texture –
Provides an aesthetically
pleasing natural wood

■ Integrated Aluminum Gutter
System – Provides proper
rainwater drainage.

■ Optional Leaf Guard – Option
for the gutter is available to
reduce debris accumulation
and lower maintenance.

■ Color Options – Available in
White and Desert Sand to
accentuate your outdoor living