COLUMNS  Decor(Aluminum) and Structural(Fiberglass)
Alumawood Patio Covers LLC / Merritt Construction
10" Round Tapered Composite  
Columns w/Tuscan Base & Capital
8" Round Fluted Aluminum         
Columns w/Tuscan base & Capital
8" Round Aluminum Fluted  
w/Tuscan Base & Capital
12" x 12"x 10' Square Columns
w/Tuscan base & Capital


Alumawood Patio Covers, LLC / Merritt
Construction offer a variety of columns and
support items for our cover kits.

We also have Composite Fiberglass and
Endura-Stone,  Smooth, Round and Square
Columns in 8" 10" and 12". These columns are
unpainted. .

The Tuscan base and capital are standard but
we have many other choices available. All of
our Composite Fiberglass and
Columns are fully load bearing.

We highly recommend using our "Double
Beam" design with your choice of columns.

Visit our
"Pricing Request" page for more
information and a simple request form.
8" x 8"x 8' Square non tapered   
w/Tuscan Base & Capital  
Stone Base accent  (Culture Stone)
We've got you
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