Maxx Panel   3" Insulated
Alumawood Patio Covers, LLC/Merritt Construction
3" Polystyrene foam laminated with aluminum sheeting to create a interlocking 48" wide
panel.  Using these insulated panels with our patio components will create a strong,
durable Patio Cover or Carport.

  Alumawood Patio Covers, / Merritt Construction      Palm Springs, CA
Our 4' wide panels interlock to create a smooth wood        
grain effect that will never warp or rot.
Maxx Panel Insulated      
3"x 8"   Beam, w/Scallop Cut
3" x 3"  Posts and Side plates
Rain Gutters and Down Spouts
Maxx Panel Insulated
3" x 3"  Posts and Side plates
Rain Gutters and Down Spouts                    
Desert Sand posts and beam
           White panels

Also available with Fascia Wrap Kits
formulated expanded provides
exceptional thermal insulation
and superior strength to
protect against the elements.

■ Laminated Panel Technology
– Provides a panel with
superior strength and
resistance to weathering.

■ Painted Aluminum Finish –
The Tuff-Kote dual layer finish
provides a superior finish that
resists scratches, corrosion
and fading.  Tuff-Kote also
requires less maintenance
than most other finishes.

■ Cedar Embossed Texture –
Provides an aesthetically
pleasing natural wood

■ Integrated Aluminum Gutter
System – Provides proper
rainwater drainage.

■ Optional Leaf Guard – Option
for the gutter is available to
reduce debris accumulation
and lower maintenance.

■ Color Options – Available in
White and Desert Sand to
accentuate your outdoor living